13 Awesomely Sweet Stories Of Revenge

1. Sucker Punch

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You mess with me, you mess with all my friends. It was a normal day in high school when out of nowhere, one student sucker punched another. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the school’s “Zero Tolerance” policy required both boys to receive an in-school suspension (ISS). The rule was clear; stupid and unfair, but clear: in a violent altercation, both parties receive an ISS. With that in mind, the victim’s friends made a plan. Over the next couple months, the friends would take turns sucker punching the guy who hit their friend. Each friend experienced one ISS which was no big deal, while the jerk sat in ISS so often, he missed enough class he had to repeat the grade.

2. Oh, The Smell!

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Sam divorced Julie to be with his secretary. Sam gave Julie three days to pack up and move out of their mansion. After all her belongings were out, Julie sat down for one final dinner: a nice Chardonnay with shrimp and caviar. She spent the meal stuffing the shrimp shells and caviar inside of every curtain rod. Then she left. Not long after, Sam and the secretary were plagued by an unknown smell. Cleaning crews used every tool and tactic but could not get rid of the mysterious odor. It was so bad, Sam put the house on the market but buyers walked out as soon as they walked in when the scent hit them. Julie called to see how things were going. Sam told her, and she said she would buy they place but couldn’t afford his price. He slashed it and sold it to Julie for 1/10th its worth. When Sam and the secretary moved out, she made sure to take every last thing to their new home, probably to spite Julie. She even took the curtain rods.