17 Tips To Help You Get A Raise

1. Know The Field

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Before you approach your boss, determine if you are being underpaid. Research salary levels for your position and find out what you’re worth in the marketplace. You can ask peers in your field what they get paid, but don’t be surprised if they are not forthcoming. Many people do not like to discuss salary. You can go incognito by finding this information on getraised.com, payscale.com, or glassdoor.com. You might even want to go on interviews to learn about salary levels at competing companies. You will help yourself if you come to your boss knowing industry salary levels for your position in your geographic location and knowing your worth based on your experience and credentials.

2. Know The Policy

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Review your company’s policies. Before you request a raise in salary, first find out if your company allows pay increases at random times of the year. Start by reading the employee handbook or company intranet. You can talk to someone in human resources and ask what the policy is for offering pay raises. Must you first have an annual performance review? Are salaries set according to a fixed schedule or seniority? Ask for a meeting only if you know you have a shot.