17 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

According to The National Sleep Foundation, we spend up to one-third of our lives asleep, or at least we’re supposed to spend one-third of our lives asleep. For some, it’s not so simple. Sleep is an elusive partner to be sought at night, sometimes with delayed success. But getting a good night’s sleep is important, because not getting a good night’s sleep can be detrimental to your health, attitude and productivity.

Consistent lack of sleep can put you at risk for heart disease, diabetes or stroke. One night of not being able to fall asleep can make you groggy, cranky and downright cantankerous the next day. It can also affect your cognitive ability, memory and judgment.

Although this list is intended to rectify the occasional sleepless night, and also offer strategies to fall asleep faster, the chronic insomniac might find one or two new techniques here to help you finally beat the demon that keeps you awake. Hopefully.  Grab a cup of coffee, unless you’re reading this at night, and find the solution to help you fall asleep faster.