Protein: Eat Too Much And Here’s What Happens

1. Dehydration

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Caroline picked the wrong time to start a high-protein, low-carb diet. She went to the DMV but forgot her water bottle. Eating extra protein makes you extra thirsty, and it seemed every time the line moved, Caroline had to visit the water fountain. The people behind her grumbled. The added protein makes kidneys work harder to remove the increased nitrogen waste. Dehydration follows. Drink, Caroline, drink.

2. Bad Breath

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“Why does my breath stink like ammonia?!” Raj wondered after he started a high-protein diet. “Mints, gum, mouthwash and brushing my teeth after meals don’t help.” Well, Raj, the problem is the protein. Too much of it, as your diet requires, causes your body to burn fat. This releases a chemical called ketones. When ketones escapes from your mouth, you’ll notice people backing away from you. Mints don’t help because the smell is coming from beyond the mouth.